COVID-19 Update


I know many of you will have welcomed the announcement by Nicola Sturgeon that churches can reopen for prayer and services of worship.


The Kirk Session has to discuss and weigh up all the issues involved before deciding whether or not to give permission for the church to reopen then two forms must be completed and submitted to Ayr Presbytery. After they have been passed, we can move forward.


Given the current guidelines, a very limited number of people would be able to attend and there would be no hymn singing during the service. Entry and exit would be by different doors and those attending would need to leave contact details and adhere to strict rules on the use of sanitizers and the use of a limited number of toilets etc.


Prior to reopening of the church, everyone will be informed by letter or e-mail of all the guidelines which must be followed. We will also put an update on our website to let you know as soon as we have finalised our reopening plans. 

is church closed?

No! The way we are "doing" church is changing in the current difficult circumstances.
Sunday Services are cancelled for the forseeable future however it does not mean that the church is unreachable in this difficult time. At NWC we are seeking ways that we can bring church to you! 

How can i connect with nwc and God at home?

There are a number of ways you can continue to connect with us:

- Receive the NWC News via email or find it here on our website

- Pray for the national and global church

- Read a devotional every say such as UCB Word for Today

- Connect with church friends over the phone or on Video Chat

- Live stream church services through our Facebook page or find them on our Listen page

Please note that all church activities including
bible studies, church organisations, Sunday services, outreach groups etc. will not be meeting for the foreseeable future.
we will post any updates here.
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